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should i quit acutane?

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Ok im pretty new to this site but ill give this whole forum thing a whirl. Im 15 and have struggled with acne since puberty. Like right when i hit puberty it was like BAM!! acne always like a little above moderate but not severe so it was pretty bad and very consistent. No matter what i tried i kept getting them so after a million visits to the derm and her perscrips. I finally just said f**k it lets go on acutane. Ive been taking it for 2 months now (5'10 120 lbs, two 40 mg pills twice a day, yea im hella skinny) and i have alot the side effects.

God, ive felt like shit ever since i started taking it. I dont know if its the acutane or if i reccently had an epiphany that im a loser. I mean ive felt so bad since i started taking it, but on the flip side my skin has really cleared up. The only thing left of my acne is a few scars and a some redness (i would appreciate some tips to help get rid of the redness too) Depression and really bad back pain and joint pain have also come with this drug. Plus once a month blood tests which I HATE WITH A PASSION!. Its like im a continous state of self pity and my mom always asks me if im depressed or have any other side effects. I always say no of course cuz i really want to finish my acutane and just be done with my acne all together. But I hate feeling like crap all the time, i mean i have a good amount of friends and good family but I feel like my whole family is dead and i have no friends. I'm really unsure on whether or not i should finsih my treatment or just get off before i do something drastic.

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I know you're probably going through a tough time right now, but don't give up! You need to see the bigger picture. After acctuane you'll have nice acne free skin, so don't fret about it so much.

If you ever need to vent know that you can do it here on the emo forum. I hope you make the decision that is right for you, and good luck.:D

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