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Topical Meds. for Hormonal Acne

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Hey guys,

I've suffered w/ acne for years. Now I am in my 20s, and I have come to the conclusion that I have hormonal acne. A couple weeks before my menustral cycle, I get horrible breakouts around my chin area. And throughout the month, I have a least one or two cysic zits on my chin.

For years, I have been taking topcial medications and oral antibiotics. I stopped the oral meds a couple of years ago to cleanse my body. For the past year, I am takin Retin-A at night and clindamycin during the day. Since my acne is hormonal, do you really think taking these topical meds will make a difference vs. over the counter ones (ex. clearsil or spot treatments)?

My mentality is that my skin has endured years of harsh meds-oral and topical and I want to try to stray away from that.

Any advice would be appreciated!! :)


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I tried putting Duac on this huge cyst, and it seems to have gotten worse....i believe it's 100% hormonal, and nothing i do topically seems to be helping to reduce the size...though some oil of oregano is helping a whitehead to come to the surface.

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