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My new regimen, wish me luck.

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I know this has been posted before, but I am going to post it again--

Thinking back to high school, I used to get pimples every now and then. Usually they would last several days, go away, and new ones would pop up. Rarely did red marks get left behind. Now, here I am nearly four years, having tried almost everything-- ProActiv, Dan's CSR, baking soda, you name it... just about everything but accutane.

I look at myself in the mirror a coulple times every day and distress over my acne/red marks. Every morning and evening I cleanse with Dan's cleanser, apply ACV, and then spot treat with Neosporin. Sometimes I moisturize (that is the regimen I've been on the past month).

And for what? No matter what I do, it seems like I have acne somewhere. The CSR might get rid of pimples on my chin, but then they pop up on my cheeks. I get rid of those, then they pop up above my lip. What baffles me most is that my two brothers and sisters wash their face maybe once a week and apply NOTHING and yet their skin is flawless. Could it be diet? Maybe, but I know for a fact that I eat healthier than my other two brothers who live on fast food and junk food. Maybe junk food and fast food cure acne :o.

Could it be exercise? I'm the only one of us who runs 30 mins a day and lifts weights 45mins 4x a week. My other siblings don't do any exercise (they aren't overweight, just not in shape).

This got me thinking. I remember way back in the day when I used to go to 1 or 2 week summer camps. For whatever reason I never bothered packing anything to wash my face with. And I can remember (very vividly, in fact) looking at my face after being out in the woods for 1-2 weeks without washing my face, and not one time did I ever break out from 'not washing my face.' In fact, it seemed as though my skin complexion was BETTER. I can't say for certain, however, because I didn't pay as much attention to my complexion as I do now... so I could be misleading myself to think that.

Regardless, I am done putting stuff on my face and washing the heck out of it. I notice that my acne always gets bad when I'm really stressed out and get almost no sleep... like during finals week. Maybe stress is the biggest factor in bad complexion? Maybe by washing our faces all the time and putting stuff on it we are actually irritating our skin and making it worse. Who knows. But I do know that I am getting nowhere with all these different regimens and it is costing me money... for what seems to be nothing.

Just another thought (probably should have posted it earlier in post... but nobody is going to grade this post so I could care less!)... I've shower probably 2 times a week, and not once have I ever worried about 'washing my back,' yet I have NEVER gotten ONE pimple on my back. It is mind boggling when I read about people complaining about back acne. I do nothing and I have perfect skin (there, at least). I bet it is the same way for people who have no face acne-- they do nothing and for some reason they have great skin tone.

Also, how many times a day do you people look at your faces in the mirror? WHY? What is the point? So you can see all those pimples and red marks and then worry about them?

My new regimen is this-->

Cleanse my face at night only, maybe tone with acv (we'll see, not sure yet). Apply nothing else Also, I am done looking in mirrors. There is no point. Mirrors don't do anything for acne. They only point out where your zits are so you know where to touch them or pick them or worry about them or whatever.

Forget it. I'm done with this business. Maybe its genetics. Maybe I'm missing some vitamin in my diet. Who knows. All I know is the more I think about it, the more I realize that it is a major waste of time and energy.

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Your thought is exactly my thought.

" What baffles me most is that my two brothers and sisters wash their face maybe once a week and apply NOTHING and yet their skin is flawless."......Ya, why?

Anyway...Good Luck with you new regime!

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Dont be sad

It might be hormone problem

A guy or girl can have it too

Maybe you should check with a doctor and re-balance it

It's usless to stop look in mirrior

It's pointless since your face is for other people to look at

Deal with it~*

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