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Treating a Pimple or Cyst for that matter

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Ok folks hydrocortizone has been talk about here and I'm here to say it does work but it has to be the 1% strength not the 0.5% strength. Heres the key at the first onset of growth or a bump under the skin. Immedietley apply hydrocortizone to it dont add a little to the area ad a big glob to the area so it will penetrate deep down. After two hours wipe the hydrocortizone away and add a new glob keep doing this for the whole day or two. One or two things will happen the bump will reduce and go away or within the same day or overnight it will form a white head so that it can be pop and drain. If your approaching night time leave the hydrocotizone on at night as well. After you pop it and drain it then put another glob of hydrocortizone on it. and let that sit on their for a good hour or so. Then after the hour is up you will notice that the hydrocortizone was able to reduce the pimple or cyst more and also drain more fluid out of it. Its kinda wild Doing this techniques will solve two things for ya. A it will prevent a pimple or cyst from becoming a nightmare and something that hangs around for days on end. B. It gives you istant relief from those hot burning throbbing pimples you have on you right now. This technique does work and I have had 5 people try it already. Remember this is not a cure for acne. But rather a way of dealing with flare ups so they dont get out of hand. I dont recommend you rubbing hydroctiozone all over your face either as its not a preventive cure. Like BP is etc.

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too bad 90% of the people here have to go to work/school on a daily basis. kinda makes it hard to follow your intructions eh?

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any walmart or walgreens or eckerds and good size drug store will carry it for sure also it has to be 1% strength if you get the 0.5% strength it will do nothing for ya.

When I'm at work in my cubicle i can leave the stuff on the whole day and take it off immeditley with a tissue if i face anybody that comes up or not. Sometimes i talk to them with it on and they understand because i already confronted everybody wilth my acne problem and they are all very understanding of it at work. Which is a big relief for me. If your at school or in a work place where its harder to hide you can do one of two things put the glob on and put a bandaid on top of it. Or if its in and area where this cannott be done like around the nose area. then you can go this route. Put a small layer on and it should soak in and keep adding as it soaks in another small layer. This techniques isnt nearly as effective as the above post technique. But it will produce the same results just not as quick. Also figuring if school is some 7 hours put the bp on in the morning and at night and this will do some good as it will help keep growth down to a minimum while at school. Figure derms use cortizone injected kind into the skin. This is a topical cortizone and it does soak into the skin. Which produces the same effects just not as quick as the injected kind does.

Might i add the injected kind hurts like $%#[email protected]%#$ well you know.......

For me this has been a miracle as far as controlling the size of my acne. I'm on the bp stuff which I am clear now. but when I had the first set of pimples and what look like cyst from the bp. I was ready to knock the socks off of those things. And boy did i ever. That hydrocrotizone literally was wiping them out left and right. I felt like i was at war with my face. biggrin.gif

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