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Today is a monumental day...

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Today I start my first cycle of Accutane. I am a 140 pound 15 year-old and have very mild acne, nothing cystic or nodular, but my derm. fears that it may scar. After trying all the topical gels and creams and oral antibiotics I am now starting this drug.

I take 2 pills at 40mg each a day starting today. I've stocked up on moisturizer, I'll be using Neutrogene Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 30. I also got some bag balm and some vaseline for my lips. I will continue to update this thread as I go through my course of Accutane. And hopefully I'll get some pics up soon as well. Wish me luck!

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Post updates under "The Regime Log". Whao 80mg for a 115lb person - that's quite a bit. Well i'm glad you've got the prescription, especially if your derm thinks it may scar. Some people begin their acne stage at 15years old with very mild acne and it escalades as they get older - to cystic, scarring acne.

Good luck on that! Beware that the first weeks might not be too much fun. You may get an initial breakout anywehre between 1-3 weeks. It should gradually get better. Some people don't experience and initial breakout.

Good luck

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good luck.. no offence but maybe you should have tried the regimen or something before going straight to the accutane? (sorry if you did try it and it didn't work or something)

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He may have misread the 140 and 15 years old. Anywho...I've tried most of the benzoyl peroxide gels that were prescirbed to me. Most worked for awhile but don't control my face after awhile. I figure I might as well get this Accutane crap done now rather than later. My mom went through it 3 times in her 20s..so maybe it'll work better on me in my teens. We'll see what happens.

I'll put my updates in the regimen log too.

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Hey good luck man. I'm also on 40mgx2 a day also. Make sure to drink a lot of water. I've found that drinking a lot of water will ease the dryness that your skin will experience. I'm on my second month on accutane and it's great! It's clearing up my skin fast! My skin used to secrete so much oil, but since I've been on accutane, my skin looks more refreshed! Make sure the moisturizer you're using wont clog your pores. Make sure it has somewhere that it's Non-comedogenic that means it wont clog pores.

Good luck man.

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I just wanted to find this thread, which is amazingly old, and bump it for a bit of nostalgia. Seeing that I just took my last accutane pill about 15 minutes ago. Thank the lord it's all over.

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