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im confused!! what shall i do?

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ok basically im on this trial for a new acne treatment its called iclear

the clinic gave me a 10% glycolic acid cream to use everynight while doing the trial

i do the iclear light twice a week and i gotta use the cream every night

the problem is:

Basically everytime i use glycolic acid i break out sad.gif

i told this to the nurse and she said that its normal cos its cleaning everything out from under the skin so its normal, but i dunno

i was thinkin of stopping the cream.. should i? cos im thinking that maybe the trial wont go as it should, i mean the treatment wont work as well?!?!

what should i do.. basically the iclear kills the bacteria.. so if i use the glycolic and keep getting spots whats the point!?!?

im confused lol

do u guys think some one can clear this up 4 me?!?!

thanks every1

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Do what the nurse tells you. Stay on it for a month and if its not working after say, 6 weeks then move on to something else.

The point is to try it, dont give up, especially in the beginning..its the worst thing you can do.

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im gonna keep on using the cream untill it runs out. Im getting initial breakouts too.

Ive had 3 treatments and have not seen much improvement.

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I just wanted to let you guys know some info. i found about glycolic acid and Aha's. They can be irritating to acne prone skin and there is another form of aha/glycolic called pha that you can as far as i know get from Neostrata. Some derm. carry it but i got it through their website, neostrata.com e-mail them and tell them what you want and they will send you a ref. code and instructions how to order online. Check out their recommendations on your skin type. I got the info from Paula Begoun's book and what i've been using is the oil-free pha(4) spf 15 Am, and the bionic face serum pha(10). I have tried aha's (glycolic) and always broke out from them, but i've been using this stuff for 2 wks and i have no new breakouts plus my skin is smoothing out quite a bit. I do also use this method ice-cube (run all over face) wash with oxy 10% bp mixed with Phisoderm (sensitive) cleanser, leave on about 1-2 min., tone with Ultima II skin-renew toner normal-dry(has 2% sa), then apply pha(4) spf 15 as my moist./AM. Pm/ do same but use differin and then apply pha(10) serum. It's actually working! Acnebook.com is a website by an author who wrote Acne Rx, and his patients improved with the use of bp wash, combined with differin or rentin-a and a glycolic acid with an ice method, but i kind of combined his method with "acne cure" method, use pha not aha, and added sa 2%. The pha also has been shown to help moisturize skin when used with retinol's so you don't get all dried out from using the bp,sa,and retinol. My derm. told me that the only way to get my skin smoother and look more even was to use differin and or avita and i really didn't want to use either one so that's why i researched the pha's etc. and i can't tell you how much better my skin is. Sorry such a long post but just had to pass this along. Hope this helps!

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