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Face looks great in the morning but.....

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Recently I have noticed that after a night of cleansing and bp my face looks quite good in the morning, but after my morning wash, bp, and moisturizer it looks like crap for the rest of the day which sucks. I'm seriously considering cutting my treatment back to the evening only, or just eliminating moisturizer from my routine. Although it is lovely to look clear while I sleep (sarcasm), I only do this treatment so I don't look like total monster in the day time and what I'm currently doing isn't very conducive to attaining that goal.

I never quite understood why it is recommended to treat in the morning. Are the sebeacous (sp?) glands very active during sleep/at night? It just seems as though doing the treatment after basically 8hrs of inactivity is overkill. Even after I went to the dermatolgist and got prescriped Differin, it was instructed that I only wash and apply the product at night (although I do imagine this is due to the nature of the product) :-k Anyways, I'd appreciate some input/experience here because I'm a little confused. I think I may try treating my face only at night and see how it is going. It just gets so irritated and raw when I do the morning regimen.

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I have noticed the same thing...about my skin looking pretty decent when I first get up and then looking like crap (i.e. all my red marks really glaring) after cleansing.

BUT, I wouldn't stop doing it. I really don't think it has anything to do with the actual cleansing...I think it involves your blood circulating more once you are up and around. I say this because, I was feeling particularly lazy one day and did not wash or put make up on for a while...I got up thinking I looked so good and was just going to be around the house anyway, so I didn't go through my routine.

Well...let me just say, thank God I stayed home that day! After I put my son down for his morning nap I passed by a mirror. It was bad...way bad...Big pimples looking at me, red marks glowing....ugh.

POint being, it's gonna get bad as the day goes on anyway....may as well do your thing to help your skin get better in the long run.

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im going to do the same and cut out using BP in the morning. My face feels so irritated and raw during the day, and im hardly using any BP.

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