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Shampoos, body washes etc etc + My regimen and what works.

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This may have been posted about before but id like to inquire about what type of shampoos and body washed are good to use.

Currently i use what my mom buys which is pantene pro-v and some cheap ass body wash that goes by the name of "softsoap" its blue liquid. And i dont like it.

What im wondering about is some more high quality exfoliating type body washes. I know about the purpose bar but im not a fan of bars. I want a wash.

Anything thats like mint or something more exotic that helps alot??

Basically if you've seen the movie American psycho im looking for a regimen that the main character Patrick batemen uses. He mentions some mint masks and all this other shit.

Currently my regimen consists of

Morning -

I shower and use the proactive system, it has bp 2.5 (the face wash, toner , after lotion, which also has 2.5 bp.)

I then put on Nutrogena healthy defense spf 30 moisturizer. (i like this alot)

At night i shower, use Neutrogena foaming face wash and when i get out i use the proactiv toner. Afterwards i put on Retin A micro (tretinoin) 4 %. Then i go to bed. Rinse, repeat.

While this has proven moderatly effective im looking for a little boost.

Tonight during my shower i used the foaming face wash, which is very mild and then used a small amount of the proactiv face wash (bp) and then the toner, and then the retin a.

So any suggestions? Comments?

Ive never waited 20-30 mins for my face to fully dry before applying the retin a. Is this a big problem? Its usually applied within 10 minutes of getting out, after i use the toner. hmmm.

Ill begin to wait a half hour before applying it.

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Well, to simply answer your question, for a body wash I use Neutrogena's Body Clear Body Wash with 2% Salicylic Acid. No lies though - it can be rough. It can be drying. It willcause breakouts at first. So if you're willing to lather up on lotion after your shower and take care of body breakouts (which may or may not happen, I'm rather sensitive) - go for it. Again, I'm not sure about the breakout thing, but it's like a very fair intial breakout, I suppose.

As for shampoo, I've never had a problem with that, except that I find shampoo/conditioners and just plain conditioners to be aggravating. Conditioners are oily and greasy, so watch out for those 50/50 washes.

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