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Problem with every type of moisturizer

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I have very oily skin. My acne on my face basically has cleared up since I am now 21. Wwen I was younger I had it very bad, used accutane with no long term results and just about every other medicine on earth. I have a major problem however. When I was my skin with any type of soap, (I have tried all the ones that Dan recommends and many others all non comengenic, deratologist tested and recommed, etc.) my face gets very very dry and itchy. I have also tried all the moisturizers that Dan recommends as well as many many others, and although they do work, they clog my pores and within a few hours my clear skin forms new zits. I have only found one extremely expensive moisturizer made by chunnel or something like that and it does not break out my face, but I must be allergic to something in it because my face gets all warm, and I get a rash of some sort. I don't know what do. ALll I do know is if I don;t moisturize I get even more zits when my skin starts over producing oil a few hours after washing my face. Anyone have any ideas or the same problem as me?

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Have you tried a cleanser that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate? I ask because for years i thought i had typical acne, when it turned out i was sensitive (highly so) to SLS, a detergent that is present in most shampoos and skin cleansers and soaps. i switched to a SLS free cleanser, and i have less oiliness as well as fewer breakouts. i'm not saying it's the cause of your acne, but it could be contributing to your skin's sensitivity and dryness.

The phrases "non comedogenic", and "dermatologist recommended" on cleansers, BTW, are pretty meaningless. Most companies can get a derm to say, "Sure, that cleanser is okay". The beauty industry does very little real research into what is good for skin, they mainly use what they've always used. Here is a list of ingredients that have ratings for their comedogenic/irritating properties: http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/article6.htm#inglist Many of these ingredients are in supposedly "gentle" products.

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sounds like you are getting allergic contact dermatitis from something in the skincare. If you have sensitive skin you should not be using a bar soap. You can probably find out exactly what you are allergic to by looking up the ingredient lists of things that have caused you probblems and cross referencing. SLS will be most likely...other likely sources are alcohol, preservatives particularly salicylic acid, fragrances. But it can be anything.

So before you stick anything new on your face do this:

Always test the product before full-on use. No product can be 100% safe so it’s wise to test the product first. Do this by dabbing it onto your inner wrist or elbow and wait for 24 hours to see if there’s any reaction. And remember that some types of sensitivity only show after a couple of uses.

Dermstore is a great site to browse around. They have an extensive range of products and brands ..but not the necessarily the same ones you find in the department store. The also have really good product info, ingredient lists. www.dermstore.com

Avene skincare - my favourite. Check out the allergy/intolerence range...


Other credible sensitive skincare brands: Cetaphil, Ego, Weleda, Living Nature, Jurlique worth investigating.

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