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White spots on fingernails

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I have never had white spots on my fingernails but have still suffered from acne. Really this is the first time I am hearing there may be a correlation. I see that some people above have mentioned that white spots may be caused by a zinc deficiency and I have seen some sources recommending taking zinc to help with acne. However, I really don't think it is a serious correlation.

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Physical trauma to the nailbed does indeed have something to do with white spots, but nutritional deficianies can also cause them. Zinc deficiency is known to cause them, and they also appear in liver and kidney disease, but they can also be caused by simple trauma tio the nailbed. I get them occasionally......I work with my hands......I bang my nails on everything, and use them to open packages, clean equipment, etc. I constantly get solvents like cyclomethicones on them. They do take a beating.

I think you're right about this. Physical trauma to the nailbed is what causes the white spots. I do the same thing..I use my hands a lot and I hit them so often on things half the time I don't even realize I do it or I go home with papercuts all over my hands but don't notice until I'm using water or something. I get my hands caught between doors and hit my nails on counters by accident...As far as I know I have no liver/kidney deficencies whatsoever. I'm extremely healthy and really don't think these white marks are anything to worry about.

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Yes, it's really irritating when people base their experience on the whole world, what occured with them,

will happen to every other person in the world. Pretty stupid.

Why do you spell words incorrectly in one post, then spell it correctly in the next?

Yellowphaze, we have quite a few members on this board for whom English is a second language (or a third, or a fourth).

We also have many who just don't spell very well. This is not necessarily a reflection on their intelligence and it certainly does not give you the right to attack them.

If you cannot treat other members with courtesy, you will not last long on this board.

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thats really interesting. recently i've been taking 50mg of zinc along with vit e and what not and i currently have no white spots on my fingers... yet i'm battling two or three spots trying to make their way to the surface.

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I had white spots on my nails for as long as I remember. I asked a parent, and they told me it was from Zinc deficiency. I started taking Zinc supplements (along with other vitamins) and the condition stayed the same. I've been on vitamins for over five years now and the condition still persists. I am VERY rough with my hands and this is what I attribute the condition to.

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Guest blackheadben

Good lord almighty. We get white spots cause we bang our fingers on stuff. I am always whacking my nails on stuff and end up with white spots from it.

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Cheese, they can be anywhere on the nail. They are just small white spots, there can be 1 or 2, or a lot.

Aubrey, yes, they are random at different places. When you look at your nails and see any kind of

white speck/spot, you are deficient in some kind of vitamin, depending on how long you've had them.

If you rarely get 1 or 2, you are probably okay, but if you've had them appear/disappear for months/years

at a time, you are deficient in something.

As far as vitamins, he told me:

1. Zinc

2. Lacking calcium

3. Liver Vitamins A, D, E, K

4. Body tissue Vitamin E

5. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

He gave me in order of priority and importance in reference to acne/fingernails.

This is something I have been thinking about for a while now because I did read that it was an indication of a zinc deficiency. I think for me, over the years, they might have been present at times and not at other times. At the moment, I do have several, and in recent times, I have taken note of them more because of having read that. This is an interesting thread. I will read through the replies now as I am interested in knowing if most do have this.

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I can't resist recounting a personal anecdote of my own: growing up and all through my teen years, I had plenty of those white spots on my fingernails. But somewhere around the age of 20 or so, I started getting interested in "life-extension" techniques, and began a program of nutritional supplementation that slowly grew, year-by-year. It obviously included not only zinc, but many other vitamins, minerals, and other helpful substances. After I had been doing that for a while, I suddenly noticed one day that gee, I just don't even GET any of those white spots anymore! And it is now many years later...nay, DECADES later, and I still don't get them! I honestly can't even remember the last one I ever had. And BTW, the jobs I've had in my life were ones where I did a lot of work with my hands. I've banged my fingernails around a lot in the past three decades, but I still haven't gotten any more white spots.

I want to emphasize here that I am just as leery of anecdotes like this as most other other people. I can't be absolutely certain that zinc (or any other nutrient) really does have anything to do with this problem; I'm just reporting this circumstantial evidence for whatever it may be worth.


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I've had those. Recently stopped but I have "improved" my diet. Anyway, they definitely aren't caused by knocking hands on things. They just appear sometimes so I'm thinking that they are related to something going on inside. I was told when I was young that it was due to lack of calcium.

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I've got one tiny spot on my left hand, and 7 on my right.

The one on the left hand is on my ring finger, and majority of those on the right is on my middle finger - 5.

I honestly don't think it has much to do with your body's condition. -Why wouldn't it be on all fingers?

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