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Nov. 01, 2003- I have had no big problem with acne until I turned 18 years old, and then it all went down hill. I even just recently got joined to an excercise program account that I paid all this money for but I'm too embaressed to go and work out. It SUCKS!

I have just started the regiman tonight. I was recently using Brevoxyl that extremely dryed out my face and made it very tight so I stopped. I had to go a few days doing nothing so my face would go back to normal. Then a day or 2 after that it started to peel really bad and would sting when I put on moisturizer. I think my face has been through hell! I am also currently on Dynacin to kill the bacteria causing the acne from the inside. I'm not sure how much longer I will be on that.

It has been 3 days since all that and I decided to start the regiman tonight so I would not start breaking out from using nothing. I am going to keep this journal up to let everyone know how things are going, probably every few days. If anyone has some advice then please let me know. I am up to talk to anyone about acne because I know what you're going through.

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Nov. 02-I have not really seen much difference yet on the regimen but I have only been on it for a day but I am very impatient when it comes to acne and I want it to be gone and quick, but I will hold out for a couple of weeks to see how things will go. I tend to use something for only a couple of weeks and if I see no results then I will change and do something else. This is probably why I see no results because I keep changing my routine.

I have also recently told my little brother about it that is 14 yrs. old and is having problems and I hope it will work out for him too.

I am going to put my pictures in the gallery as soon as I can and I will let everyone know when I do. They are terrible though. I have looked at everyones pictures and I think mine will be the worst, just because I have a lot of those red marks. sad.gif

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I woke up this morning and I still have this one on my forehead that I've has for a couple of days now but I'm not going to touch it so it will go away faster. I started using more of the treatment and we will see if I see a difference. I just have a lot of redness and alittle peeling right now. It's not so bad but I still have a lot of red marks.

I have recently put my pictures in the gallery if anyone wants to see them. I'll keep ya'll updated on how things go.

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I have recently put my pictures in the gallery. I think I'm clearing up a little vs. when I started but I'm always scared to say...b/c I might be wrong. My face is dry and peeling right now which I think is the worst part but if it gets me clear then that's fine.

I have also just started taking B-5 which will maybe control the oil. I'm going to start taking 3 pills tomorrow instead of 2 that I have been taking. Hopefully I will see a difference.

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I wish you well- the routine worked for me and also faded my red marks and some sun damage. I started in July, broke out wk 2 and 4, and that was it. I have been pimple free since then. I now do a modified version that has really keep me clear. Hnag in there because it does take time.

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It has been a couple of days but I think I am clearing up....For some reason I actually think my red spots are fading...I think the peeling that I am going through right now is taking the skin off to fade my red spots...I heard that the BP actually makes them worse...but for some reason it's not like that for me. I don't want to get too excited though just incase I start to break out again.

I am going to Florida next week and I want to be able to get some sun but I don't want to make the red marks darker...does anyone have any ideas of what I should do?? If so then let me know...thanks! I really appreciate the replies and support...I don't think I would have made it without this website....Special thanks to Dan. =D>

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