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I think some of you Guys are prematurely giving up on the CP

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SLash Skinbio products...

I personally havent been very consistent with my SUper CP serum because i just had a chemical touchup done, so i had to avoid certain type of acids for a while..

But many people seem to have gotten good results with the Serums, and id hate for you guys to simply give up on using it because you havent gotten immediate results..

I know many of you guys know this.. But the SKinBio Serums alone may not help you acheive an aesthetically pleasing result.. YOU More than likely will need a Stronger Hydroxy ACid Such as Glycolic or Salycylic..

I notice the people that have given up on the products dont seem to be going that route.. So i highly recommend you experiement with serums and strong Hydrox's before giving up on the product..

You have to remember that only a very small amount of Copper actually is able to penetrate the dermis..A tiny amount of Copper will help, but using the hydroxy's and EMU oil will help the More Copper Penetrate the dermis in order to stimulate collagen at a faster rate..

Ive personally heard so much goood stuff about the skinbio products.. I just dont want you people to give up so soon on them because you havent gotten immediate results..

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Hi Steve:

I had used regular CP Serum for months with little to no visible improvement so then I began doing weekly Lactic Acid peels (40%) as well. Then I heard about the great results people had been having with the Super CP Serum. However, The Super CP Serum caused me to break out, so I stopped using it recently.

I am not giving up on regular CP and Lactic Acid yet. smile.gif

I plan on continuing with the weekly Lactic Acid peels,

applying regular CP Serum a few times a week (any more than that and I see breakouts),

alternating with a serum that is rich in antioxidants a few times a week

(making sure that I don't mix CP and Vitamin C, just in case they cancel each other out).

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Just remember that it might take up to a year using the regular serum. Have you tried using the Super serum very lightly on scarred areas only?

That might help, if you can swing it.......

Well, as everyone knows...I feel that the super serum has literally changed my scars and helped fill them in, that coupled with needling has been an amazing experience for me. My best friend just today remarked how much smoother my skin looked, and she remarked that the scars were improved drastically.

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Denise, I'm so happy to hear that Copper Serum has made your face look so good. I tend to give up easily on products too, but I think some things you just have to be patient with. Didn't someone say that they saw really good results combining mandelic acid with the copper serum? I plan on trying that, since I haven't even tried copper serum yet. That way, I continue treating my scars while taking a break from scar treatments done by the derm. biggrin.gif

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Denise: I have been using the CP Serum for about 10 months and I used the Super CP Serum for a few weeks....

I already tried putting the Super Serum very lightly on scarred areas only. I only ever spot treat with the Super and the Regular. I have never put either of them on my entire face because my skin is sensitive. With the regular serum, if I put it on too much or put too much on I break out. Regardless of the amount I put on of the Super, I break out. I really don't need more scarring at this point, so want to avoid the break outs. Trust me, I definitely gave it a fair shot.

Also, my scarring is moderate to severe and the vast majority are rolling scars. I do have some icepicks and a few boxcars as well. The CP Serum, in conjunction with weekly lactic acid peels, has worked a bit on the very shallow, pore-type icepicks. I have not seen improvement in the other scar types using this topical.

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