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chin pimple = a cluster of smaller pimples?

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Does anyone else have this?

Every few weeks, without fail, for the past few months, I get a big pimple on my chin. Before I can barely notice it's there, by the next day, it's full force: swollen, red, painful.

But upon closer inspection, it looks like these are often actually two or three smaller pimples, just banded together to form this one big one. I can sometimes see the different whiteheads below the surface.

I've tried so many things to eliminate them as soon as I feel them coming on, including the CSR. But nothing works consistently. I'm able to stop them before they get their party on maybe about a third of the time... usually using a combination of Zeno and BP.

I don't think they're cysts, because the way I understand it, cysts can last for months and don't come to a head. The ones I get on my chin come to a head within three to five days or something... But it's a horrible ordeal, because whenever they're on my chin, they get huge and unsightly.

Anyone have any tips on the best way to deal with these, at any stage... before, during and after?

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Are you female or male? your story sounds similar to what I've been dealing with. I only get pimples on my chin and when I do, its enormous and takes a long time to go away. The whole cycle (detection, emerging and forming zit, gradual lessening and clearance) seems to take about 2 weeks.

I took antibiotics a year ago and that cleared me up, but I can't take them now since I'm trying to get pregnant. My derm told me if I weren't trying to get pregnant, he'd recommend an antibiotic and topical retinoid. But since I can't take those right now, I've been using azelaic acid and clindamyin gel (both once a day) for the past month. But even on this regimen, I got a huge chin pimple last week. I went to the derm again and he added a benzoyl peroxide gel to my regimen (benzac 2.5% gel). He recommends I slowly add the benzac into my routine (once a day to start just on the spot to see if i have a bad reaction, then slowly increasing to the chin area once a day, then if tolerated start using twice a day while continuing to use azelaic acid at night only).

I'm not sure how helpful all these topicals will be. In my experience the zits I get on my chin are very deep and I don't know if a topical is that effective deep down in the skin. But i'm hoping it will at least help to lessen the severity of the breakouts.

The derm also said the skin on the chin tends to be different than on the cheeks. Acne on the chin tends to be much deeper cuz of the way the skin structures are on the chin.

Anyone else out there have any success clearing deep chin acne with the Clear Skin Regimen with 2.5% BP?

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