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glyclic peel..questions soem one help me please???

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sorry that this is so long buti hopeu guys read and can help me since its somthing thats very important to me and i need soem help...

hi everyone i asked questions about this scar i have before when it was new and really redish..well the redness went away a bit just a lil left not like it used to be, but im still not really sure what kind of scar it is...let me explain it since i cant post pics no cam smile.gif

It is located just above my jaw line on the left side in a really bad area cuz it looks different whenever i move my head in different directions if i look one way it streaches it out and it doesnt look as bad look less red and almost layered with the rest of the skin, if i look the other way it almost indents in and looks horrible looks like hole in my face...it looks different in all lights outside might not look as bad but in shadows and in car windows it looks deep.

im not sure if its a indent our a pit our both?

like i said when i strech the skin its barly noticable but if i dont it looks like a chunk of skin was ripped off my face sad.gif

it all happend when i had a pimple there pretty big think it was a cyst but the skin went all black whne it went down pitch black and my skin is white!

i shaved one day and went over it pretty hard like a idiot and ripped it off i thought a scab would grow over and it would heal but it never did.

Now i want to speed the healing and make it less noticable maybe find somthing that makes the collogan grow a bit to make it look less bad.

i read about mandelic acid and glycolic acid peel stuff just dont know what would be better glycolic sounds good how it helps with growth..but theni herd it can break u out.

i use proativ and that stops most my acne so i didnt really want to use somthing on my whole face incase it breaks me out..so can u use glyclic acid peel just on the scars? and in anyway if its peeling skin off can it make it worse? i mean i lost enough skin there if it peels wont it look worse?

same question about mandelic acid??

im affraid of thepeels since ive never tried them so how do u use it? can it be dangerous and were shld i buy it and what shuold i start with. and hjow much do i use it ?

sorry for the lenght of this but i am at a point of my life were i am fed up sick of this just want to see a improvment and be a little more happy the last year battling these few scars from breakouts have been killing me on the inside. im affraid ppl notice affraid of certain lights and situations, i just need soem help and info so if anyone has used these products our had simular scars please take the time and help me out.



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OK - I don't think it is a glycolic peel you need..

I suggest you try the Puredeming Intense gel for healing the scar. Look for the link on this board.

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maya can u tell me about this no one on that thread really says if its for healing scars?

is it like a peel?

does it fade the scar away so its not as noticable?

if my scar is pitted our depressed will it help that at all?

and can i use it just on my one our 2 scars? and use while on the proactiv system ??

i got a cyst under the scar a few months ago from putting aloe vera plant juice on it .there no aloe in it and this wont do the same thing will it?

why dont u think glycic acid peels arnt for my scar i weas hoping they were since i herd they peel the layers od skin and make it more even..our the mandelic acid??

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mya can u helo me out more with this? tell memre about it?

anyone else have any suggestions please????

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