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Questions from a newbie

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Hello! I've just recently (yesterday, actually) found this website, and I must say that it is incredibly interesting. I followed Dan's regimen last night, this morning, and this evening, so I suppose I can say I'm officially on Day 2. :-)

This morning, I applied the BP, let it soak in, applied a moisturizer, and a little later put on my liquid foundation. In some places it seemed to almost ball up or something. :-s I just gently wiped it down my cheeks, and it came off. But was that because I didn't allow the BP to soak in enough? or the moisturizer possibly?

Whenever I've tried to put make-up on over a topical face cream/lotion, it seems to do that...so I'm just wondering if anyone might know what I'm doing wrong. :-)

It's been very interesting reading everyone's posts...

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Welcome! smile.gif

Yes, it sounds like you might not be letting it absorb long enough.

You could try one of the following:

- letting it absorb longer

- not putting quite as much on

- not using BP during the daytime

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I switched to the tinted bp for daytime-you look like you have foundation on and then just need some powder blush. Worked better for me because I could not even get cover up to look good over tons of bp.

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OK, I may be doing this wrong, but it definitley WORKS for me... I apply my moisturizer first, then use the benzyol peroxide over it. It does work for me, I don't have any problems when I go to put my foundation on, you may want to give it a try...

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