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For those that were interested in Jojoba Oil

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I see where the aubrey nicole site added a couple sizes of Jojoba Oil (plus a ton of other makeup items and skin care items). I'm going to get some. I keep reading how much people like it and all the good things about it.

Spikeli - don't you use this in your skin regimen? Can you post agin what oils you combine and how that is going? I'm very interested in starting an all natural regimen. Tired of shelling out money for treatments that are really no better than the next one.



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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (did I mention LOVE?), jojoba oil. I use the Desert Essence brand that I get from Whole Foods for $6.99. I hate the bottle it comes in so I bought a mixer drop bottle for $1.95 (from Wholes Foods, the brand is Bach). I use 3 drops to moisturize my face in the morning. At night, I use 3 drops to moisturize my face, then I mix my acne spot treatment with 4 drops of jojoba oil with bergamot and lemon essential oil. If I have a raging zit that I want to be gone asap, I mix bergamot oil, tea tree oil, and lemon oil with jojoba oil as carrier oil for the spot treatment.

The regime is going very well, the only problem is there is a purging period, but you can avoid that if you just start on it slowly. I use my olive oil basec cleansing mix to clean my face and jojoba as moisturizer and carrier base. I started off only using 2 drops at night, then a few days later go up to 3 drops, then go up to 3 drops for morning and night, well you get the idea. I really do love this product, it feels much nicer on the skin than the emu oil and I don't feel greasy. I just never really got into emu oil, and I know for sure the jojoba oil works with my essential oils so it's a staple in my regime now.

Just remember, start off small. Also with this product, less is more.

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