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she was scolding me (once again).... about not picking up around the house bla bla...

i have to start being responsible yada yada.

and reallly i want to start but like recently i've been emotionably troubled. as we all are/ kind of that way...

and i was being a smart ass. i'm not usually. then she was like "why are u acting up?"

and i was like I had a bad day..

she asked what. *we dont usually talkk much* . i said i dont know *cue waterworks*

and went into how I feel lonely and stuff..

iono.... its wierd. i dont know how i feel. and i hate that.

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thing is. .lol thats what i was thinking


I handle things better alone, in my thoughts hahaha.

See she tries to get inbetween. and i go and cry.

gah. i hate that.

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i'm always too meek to say what i really feel.

which is to leave me alone!

if u want me to act like an adult, treat me like one!

i shouldnt have to ask where i can work, if i can move out, and where i can go!!!

I am legally. an adult. back off!!!

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You guys give some great advice! i.e. "yeah, mom, suck my balls." Really, very responsible advice :rolleyes: .

natalie_xox, your mom wasn't scolding you to be mean. She just wanted you to be responsible. You were having a bad day, that's understandable, we all do, but she didn't know that. But don't shut down. When you said your mom mentioned that you and her "don't talk much anymore," that's the wrong thing to do. Talk to her. If this is really bothering you it will help. You can talk to her and still keep your own really personal thoughts to yourself.

Sometimes we think we can handle things all on our own, your breakdown may be a warning to yourself to seek help.

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yeah.. as much as i can understand how irritating parents can be, and my mom is always on my ass driving me nuts and we have one of the most tumultuous mother daughter relationships i've ever seen, i try to always talk to her about things... you know.. in between the times when we're at each others throats.. its important to remember that parents aren't mind readers, and if its true that you guys don't talk much and you're not making it a habit to express your feelings and worries to her on a regular basis, then you really can't blame her for nagging you on a bad day... because i'm sure she had no idea about how you were feeling and if she had known she seems like she would have been more careful..you know? at least she sounded concerned about you breaking down instead of saying something like "i don't give a shit! you're just exagerating and trying to make me feel bad for you, you drama queen!!!" sometimes concerned parents seem annoying and we just want to be left alone... but think about how you would honestly feel if she did leave you alone. like she just completely stopped giving a shit about anything you did and not noticing you or giving you the time of day..

i think that all the things you expressed in here that are bugging you, although its good to get it of your chest, you really shouldn't be telling us, you should be telling her....

good luck and feel better... and don't let things get bottled up... that'll just make you feel worse and if you react to stress how i do, it'll probably just make you break out more too. good luck <3

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