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Sun Beds/ Sun Showers

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I vist this site everyday looking for tips and product info. I become rather interested in topics relating to Mild acne and tanning. For me personally tanning is like a cure.

I go on holiday each year with mild acne come back with no acne whatsoever. Its the sun that gets rid of the spots. However lots of people on these boards are on the regimen and disagree with me well thats fine. I cant give any advice to people on the regimen cos i am simply not on it. To all those people who suffer from a few spots i'm ur man. My spots just seem to fade completely when goin on the sun beds. I mean obviously u need to take into consideration your skin type when using the sun type for example never goin over the reccomended time etc. After i have posted i no people are goin to say stuff like ' who wants a tan in the middle of winter bla bla bla'' well junior id rather have nice tanned skin in the middle of winter then red marks over my face and a few spots, anyway the women love tanned men wink.gif. All i am simply saying is this, i rarely get spots its just the existing ones that i have in which i need to get rid of. On a scale of 1.10 my acne is about a 4 which is gd. The tanning method will get rid of my acne and any red marks i have. people are goin to tell me to stop etc but u no wat i know am right cos its worked every single time.

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Actually, I kind of agree. While I know tanning is bad as far as the cancer thing(heh, I smoke too :-$ ) it does help my acne and red marks a lot too. But, it does not help them go away, it just darkens my skin and makes them less noticeable. There is a girl in my office who is soooo white and all the guys here always make fun of her and say she looks gross. So, yeah a tan does look better, but you know the saying, you pay a price for beauty. smile.gif

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well, my skin is always better in the summer time, it is a lot less greasy! which is always a good thing! and i like to get a tan, but the whole skin cancer thing, its not really worth the risk! if i'm feeling particularly blue in the winter months, i will go on the sun beds for a few minutes! just for a pick me up, but i havent done for ages! but yeah, i know where you are coming from!


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