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every pore clogged

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Thank you for reading this!

I started developing acne when i was 14-15 i used lots of products until i discovered a routine very similar to Dan's regime it helped me but it irritated my skin a lot, i stopped using BP oxy 5 (is the only one that is sold in my county) about 6 months, my skin is not irritated anymore but i've noticed that after taking a bath , washing my face, everytime my face is wet you can notice a lot of white stuff clogging my pores every pore in my face is clogged , i don't know if it is oil or pus, if you start rubbing the white stuff sticks together and you can even form a small ball from it, i know its disgusting.

I know that my skin problem is caused by those clogged pores, my skin is really oily, i'm afraid to use oxy 5 again because my skin was too red , without using oxy in all this months once in a time i develop a big zit , but is annoying that texture my face has.

I know that maybe someone posted this problem already but i couldn't find it in the search results.

I hope you can imagine what kind of skin problem i have i'd like to post a pic but i don't know how to anywa i hope with the description of my problem is enough.

thank you for taking your time reading this, and sorry for the english , still working on it hehehe!

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I know exactly what you mean, although its generally confined to my cheeks/nose area. I've found that using a salicylic acid product 2% (i use clearisil acne wipes) every other night works well to get rid of the clogged pores. I also lightly run my fingernails accross my cheeks when i'm washing my face to help get rid of the white stuff. hope this helps

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Thank you for your answer, yes i do the fingernail too because some of the white stuff dries and it's easy to remove , but this problem is very annoying when direct light hits my face you can see lots of small bumps.

i'll try the salisylic acid, i tried it before but i used it too much and my skin got irritated, i think once every 2 days is great idea.

Also if anyone read this my skin color changed around my lips after years of BP and once in a while my skin around my lips gets too red and flaky , anyone has the same problem?

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