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skin regeneration!

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What do you can say about your best regeneration areas on face?

For example :

If i have zit on my forehead, or nose-area i will think : "Oh, ok, this sucks, but if i use my regimen, ice, whatever - it will gone in 4-5 days, maybe week max"

But if i have zit on the centre of my cheek IT IS HORRIBLE! It takes weeks just to get red mark, and the red mark stays for months (some stays even for years)

So what do you think? Your regen-areas are the same or not?


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yep, i'm the same as you. When i get pimples on my forehead, whitheads, i pop them and they are gone in a day or two w/no evidence that they were there at all. The pimples i get on my cheeks appear the same, except there is a larger area of redness around the whitehead. When i pop these they look horrible at first, and leave an obvious redmark for a week, then a less obvious mark for about a month untill they fade. I also occasionally get cystic acne on my cheeks, not often though thank god. The last cystic pimple i had was about a month and a half ago, on my cheek and it never surfaced. It left a red mark that is still there and is much worse than any of the redmarks i get from whiteheads. I use it for comparison to see how my other marks are fading. i really wish it would hurry up and go away... i'm sure it will since i had acne even worse than i have now all of highschool. Over the summer i was doing something right because my skin was nearly flawless, almost no pimples the whole summer. By the end of summer, just in time for college, almost all my redmarks/scars were unnoticable and i was confident. But of course after being in college for 2 weeks i broke out just like in highschool... but i think i've got it under control again. I'm just waiting the 2-3 month period (like over the summer) for the marks to fade.

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