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let's talk about DIFFERIN, SKINOREN, BP, and comedones

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Right now I have some closed comedones, some red marks (hyperpigmentation from old accutane initial breakout... quit accut. after 2.5 weeks 'cause it didn't feel like the right choice for me), and this is all concentrated near both sides of my mouth... such a small area, maybe 3.5 cubic inches total, but it totally sucks to have concentrated acne there and nowhere else. I know I shouldn't complain much, but acne in that space is definately moderate acne and not mild. I have here sitting next to me some Paula's Choice Blemish Fighting Solution (her BP) and PC BHA 2%. Of course, I have a host of other products recently ordered and in my room: niacinamide gel 5%, Jurlique Foaming Facial cleanser (what seems to be a very nice tea tree and essential oil cleanser), C&C Continuous Control and Blackhead Clearing Scrub, Regenerist Serum from Oil of Olay (great potential, only been using it for about 2 days and liking it), supplements...

I guess what I'm asking is what can I do for this spotted, clogged area? I'd like to keep it gentle. Differin worked fairly well, but I ditched it to try other things... I think my problem may lie in improper skin cell shedding or small pores, 'cause the skin there is otherwise so fine and soft, but then these nasty zits pop up that leave scarring, and it takes so long for the red marks to fade (or at least it seems that way). I'm thinking about Skinoren, what do you guys think? It seems gentle and all, but I have sort of tannish (naturally tan) skin on my face. Is that okay with a product like Skinoren?

Also, what have you guys noticed about exercise helping acne. I'm beginning a crusade of personal fitness to help my complexion and my general health, and would appreciate any input. It seems that regular exercise would stimulate the skin to heal and sweating would clear out pores better that anything topical, you know?

This is a cool message board, but often not as conversational as healthboards.com. I would love it if you guys could give me some tips on how to A) get rid of my closed comedones, and B) prevent these pores from clogging --> should I do differin or skinoren?

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My regimen:


C&C blackhead clearing scrub

Azelex (azelaic acid)


C&C blackhead clearing scrub

C&C continuous control acne cleanser

I have pretty tanned skin.

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