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Makeup for men

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Hey I'm a guy who has really mild acne thinks for me taking cleocin and Tazorac. And I have a question, is their any Makeup that can cover up some of the SMALL FINE bumps on my face. And cover up the shine I get from using cleocin. That won't agravate or interfere with my acne treatment. Any reply would be grateful. alSO i'M A GUY THANKS!!!!!!!!

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You may try some mineral makeup..or other powder foundations.

You can vary the coverage (a tad heavier if you have a blemish...light dusting if you just want to cut the shine). It may look more natural on a man than liquid foundation.

I wear mineral makeup and from my experience, it has not irritated my skin at all. That's one of the big selling points.

Aromaleigh.com sells mineral makeup that is free of bismuth oxide, which can irritate some people with sensitive skin. It's a great line, but can be difficult to find the correct shade. I would highly recommend purchasing samples first as you can't return product. AL is much more matte (not shiny) than most mineral makeups I have tried. You can order samples and mix shades until you find your perfect match...then have them custom mix it for you for $20.00. (17-20.00 per full size product...much more economical once you find your shade.)

Philosphy's Complete Me is the mineral makeup I currently use. (I can get heavier coverage out of it.) It DOES have the bismuth oxide in it. But they also take returns O:) ...you can buy it at most dept. stores and also at drugstore.com. (runs about $30.00 but should last you a while...lasts a month for me, but I use alot of it...I'm a former makeup artist and I can't stop myself from having a little fun with my makeup.)

As for other powder foundations, I can't recommend a brand...sorry.

For application tips:

a powder brush will give you the lightest coverage...mainly used for the "naked" look, great for cutting shine.

a taklon brush (can buy at a craft store for a couple dollars...it's a brush with synthetic bristles...picks up a good amount of product and applies it easily) is great for spot concealing. You can use it to dab the powder foundation on blemishes and then feather it out so it blends better.

a sponge will give you heavier coverage than the powder brush, but is quick and easy. (philosophy provides a great sponge...AL sells them seperately and I would suggest their flocked sponge. Very soft and easy to blend you powders with it...)

***If you use a powder foundation and want light coverage, make sure your moisturizer is thoroughly absorbed or it will can your foundation look funny and give you heavier coverage than you want.

***If you want heavier coverage, apply with a sponge while your foundation is "dewey" but not wet.

No matter what you decide, powder foundation, liquid foundation, sponges, brushes...whatever...WASH YOUR BRUSHES/SPONGES OFTEN so bacteria doesn't grow in them. You can use whatever you wash your face with. Don't bother with expensive cleaners that can leave residue in your tools and irritate your skin.

Can you tell, I love makeup!!! Sorry for the long post. Good luck to you!

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