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Non Comedogenic Sunscreen- AUSTRALIA

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Hi Guys

I need to find a really GENTLE non comedogenic (PABA free) subscreen in AUSTRALIA

The Cetaphil one burns my skin WAYYY too much

And all the chemist's I've looked at tell me to get baby sunscreen but some of the ingredients in the baby sunscreens are comedogenic and since they're not marketed as being overall non comedogenic I'm not game

Anyone had any success finding a good one?

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the sheet my dermo gave me says

olay complete uv defence moisture lotion spf 15

neutrogena oil free moisture spf 15

shiseido uv sensitive lotion spf 30

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It's so hard to find a sunscreen that protects from UVA and UVB that doesn't sting sensitive skin, that isn't greasy and that isn't thick. In the last 3 months I have bought and tried tried banana boat sensitive (greasy), hamilton tinted (greasy and exaggerates my scars), coppertone (stings and smells like a chemical cocktail), megan gale (thick, must wear make up over it) and clinique superdefense (absorbs but stings).

I guess out of all of them I prefer the megan gale one, "Invisible Zinc" which my derm recommened. I also use the clinique one when I don't want to feel so much product on my skin. The megan gale one is thick but if you apply it while your face is still moist you can spread it out more. It costs about $20 and you can get it from department stores. It is loaded with zinc so its great for healing your skin and avoiding outbreaks and it offers protection from UVB as well as UVA ('cos of the zinc).

I have really sensitive skin 'cos I'm on Retin-A and it seems to soothe my face when I put it on. I also find it mattifies my face (fills my gaping, horrible pores) so its a nice primer to my make-up (I also use pore minimiser on top of it too for extra scar/pore camouflage).

The downside? The thickness of it and that it's not really "invisible". It leaves a pale cast on your face so if you don't dust with minerals or apply foundation afterwards then I don't recommend it at all. I am still on the look out for my perfect sunscreen.

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I use the Trishave one & definitely recommend it. It's REALLY light, non-greasy and SPF 30. It's marketed towards men but it's unscented so if you're a girl you can still use it. You can find it in the men's shaving section of Woolworths stores. It's never broken me out and I'm on roaccutane and it has never irritated my skin either.

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