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Herbal/ homeopathic medicines

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Hey guys... My dad keeps findng these herbal supplements that claim to be good for acne, and I have used a few of them, and was interested in feedback... thinking this is the place to do it?

First off... I am on Retin-A, doxycyline and duac. Also doing smoothbeam laser treatments. In terms of diet, I'm a vegetarian (as best as I can be), I eat well (too much, but well... I am freshman in college and have already put on 12 pounds!) I also used Whey Portein powder because I lift, and its nice to get some extra protein due to my eating a lot of veggies.

But in terms of these herbal treatments

I have been off and on one type called TrimVitra Ten... I think I have actually seen results from this one, and its also supposed to be a weight control, I think it helped me lose some weight earlier in the year

I just started two others:

Herpanacine (Wayne Diamon Company), and Calc. Sulph. (Calcarea Sulphuric Tablets)

I can list the ingredients, but I was curious if anyone else was using these, has used them, has any other good ideas. Im totally up for anything. Oh yah, I'm also on a multivituem (Centrum)... any input?

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Alright, so I'd thought I'd bring this back up, list the ingredients

Trimvitra Ten:

Green Tea extract 50%

Oat Fiber

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Salmon Oil Powder

Garlic Extract

Blueberry Extract

Tomato Concetrate


Brococcoli Extract 4:1

Red Wine 30% extract


Vitamin A

Vitamin E




Astragalus root

Dandelion root

Sarsparilla root


Ligustrum berry

Calcarea Sulphuric:

See its title!

Any thoughts, input, experience? I actually feel as though I have gotten some results with the first one, and it is supposed ot help control weight too... so thats a plus as well!

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