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Hey... I am so new to this message board. smile.gif Anyway, I have been on strict diet. Perricone Diet from book "Acne Prescription" for three weeks to reduce my inflammation in my body. Hmm, i have seen it improving. But slow! Like decrease by week. I have used to have cysts.. I have took few antibolics in past. I ve decided to stop using it because i still got pimples when i was on and started developing the fine lines on my forehead. Because it has dried my skin too much. So i decided oh man. Peace! i gotta find another way through topical or/and diet. So, i am happy that I have took this method beacuse i feel so good and health. But my skin hasnt cleared yet. So lets see in few weeks from now. I hope this will work for me completely.

I would recommend everyone to read this book, "Acne Prescription." Its good to understand what is going in the body with inflammation and which food that causes inflammation.

So, anyone of you do this diet too?

Believe or not? In this book, doctor said, one guy who was a bodybuilder has been on high protein, low carb, no/ low fat diet still had bad acne. So, doctor changed bodybuilder's diet plan to add high antioxidant fruits and vegatables. And result was success. Hmm. from what he said, it is important to have a well balacned diet that includes alot of rich antioxitant low glycemic fruits and non sctrachy vegatables. and the essential fatty acid to go against the inflammation in the body. Hmm, the reason i mention about this because i have seen some messages in this message board that said its important to have diet in low carb form to improve or beat the acne. Hmm.

Anyway, any of you have failed your diet plan to clear your acne before? If so, what kind of diet and for how long?

ANd if ur diet has successed to clear ur acne, then what is it? I am really interested into a diet method to clear the acne. Thanks u all.

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Forget it! It didnt work great for me. I just change to Aktins Diet to see sup. I have seen improving. About the time. By this monday, it will be a week since I am on similar Atkins Diet. Just Eat PLENTY meat and vegetable. I aint sure which has improved my acne .. Inflammation decreasing or Carb.. Hmm..

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