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i think i might have acne dysmorphia

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I was reading about mental illness related to having long term severe to mild acne as i do.

I discovered a condition called acne dysmorphia,I read the symptoms of the condition and i think i might have it.

Iam always checking my face in the mirror,Iam convinced my acne is far worse than it is,I will not allow myself to be photographed,I get depressed after looking in the mirror and have thoughts of tearing my skin off.Iam convinced when strangers look at me outside in the street they are disgusted by my skin,even though they havent said anything to me about my face.

Iam worried about this, I was unaware an acne sufferer could get a mental condition because of acne.

What can i do? I already have problems with my mental health without this to!

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Go talk to a therapist, perhaps a psychiatrist. It's very easy to self-diagnosis and then work yourself up into a tizzy about it.

And even if you are diagnosed, that's okay, too. It's something to work through, not a death sentance. :)

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i have all that except the mirror looking part because i know i am ugly so i dont want to get depressed by looking at myself in the mirror.

the things is elsewhere i dont trust psychs theyr bit crazy too, i just wish the answer could be out there

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lol - yeah, some shrinks out there are just as nuts as thier patients. But not all of them. But it's okay if you don't like them, therapy and psychiatry isn't for everyone.

Keep talking, Who Am I. We're listening.

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i think we all have a negative image of ourselves to some degree, whether I am inclined to say that it is to a degree that a psychiatrist/psychologist would are mentlaly ill is another thing.. something I would not wish upon you or anyone else.

the problem i faced was similar to yours, and we all have it. lack of feedback means your views about yourself get negatively skewed. you need to put your face out there, don't be afraid of photos and things, you are anonymous here. i posted pics of myself trying to convince everybody i had the face of a monster... turns out it isn't a monster, more like a pock scarred boy... not half as bad..

good luck

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i'm pretty bad, too. i even got these super bright lights in my bathroom so i could see all the imperfections. then after a few weeks i was so depressed i just wash my face in there with out looking at the mirror, then i go into my bedroom which has dull light. this is where i keep all the acne creams and such. the dull yellow light makes my skin appear one even tone and i don't feel so bad. at least, this is the routine I try to do. but it i see something in the dull mirror i usually think, oh crap and go to the bright bathroom. then the picking begins...

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