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So, I have been having a really hard time lately keeping my scars in perspective. They are always on my mind, seems like I can't enjoy anything lately without worrying over my damn skin. Seems like fixing my scars is the absolute most important thing, like I have to fix them before anything can ever really be 'right' in my world.

Then I was thinking, if it really is more important than anything else to me, well....would I trade my mom or one of my sisters (not like they wouldn't exist, but that they would never be a part of my life again) for a scar free face? no, no, of course not. (there are some people though that I would gladly trade, lol) So why am I neglecting the important relationships in my life? I am just racking up more things, by neglecting relationships and other stuff, that needs fixing. I am missing out, and I need to stop thinking about my skin. Better would be to not have scars, but....still working on it. :( Hmm.....would I trade my dog? nope.

So, I guess fixing my damaged face is not the most important thing to me. It has been the major focal point for a long time though. I don't know, I guess I am just saying that this weird train of thought did help me put things into perspective a little bit.

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Guest Irish-Oria

yeh i agree!

its good to jus sit back sometimes and reflect on your life and do your best to figure out whats most important to you. I really need to do that more...sometimes i think i spend more time glaring into a mirror than with my family/friends :P

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