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Feels like my face is on fire.

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Im on day 4 with Benzoyl Peroxide, breakouts have already gone down and Ive only had two minor pimples. But my face is red, really red. I took a shower on day 2 and it felt like my face was burning.

Im using alot of moisturizing gels now to keep my face moist so it wont crack. Does anyone know when this redness/burning sensation and flakyness goes away? Id rather be deathly pale than this red, lol. I look sunburned.

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try reducing the amount of BP your using if in fact you think your using too much. how are you applying the BP? make sure not to rub your face and glenty massage (i massage the BP using my index finger) into your skin.

edit: and yes it takes a while for the BP to be massaged in but at least your not putting extra pressure on your face irritating it.

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It sounds like you may have started out using too much bp too soon. We usually recommend people start using only about 1/4 the recommended amount for the first week, then gradually work up to the full amount over about 4 weeks, so that you are using the full amount at about the one-month mark.

So for now, back down on the amount of BP you are using and give your skin a little downtime to recover, then begin again and take your time working up to the full amount.

Also be sure your cleanser is gentle and unmedicated. And you mentioned using many moisturizing gels. A good quality moisturizer will be immensely helpful in keeping your skin balanced so please list exactly what moisturizer(s) you are using and we'll discuss them too.

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