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laura lou

lemon juice and egg whites

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ok, so i have a tonne of old and fresh red marks right now which i am desperate to try n fade! Ive tried all sorts of things, some have worked but i get immune to them after a while which is annoyin!

Ive heard that lemon juice and egg whites is a good combination for helping the red marks, but im pretty clueless on how to do this. lol!

how much lemon juice should i use? how do i apply it to my face (cotton wool or somethin)? how long do i leave it on?

thakn u soo much for any replies! :angel:

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one egg white and some lemon juice from a fresh lemon. Lemon juice is acidic, so just work up the ratio slowly. I ended up using most of the juices from half a lemon. Mix and apply and refrigerate. I throw it out after like 3 days.

I apply with a cotton wool.

And I leave it on for like 20 minutes. Sometimes hours. I don't like it when I leave it on for too long, because it really drys out and cracks the skin. You'll see improvement pretty quickly, but over time I think there wouldn't be that much change. I stopped after like 4 months because I got put on Retin-A and tazorac.

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I tried this before for 2 weeks ONLY.

Ya, it dried and cracked my skin if I leave it for too long, > 10min.

Overall, I did not see much improvement on redmarks, but pore size was greatly reduced.

Good Luck.

*1 egg white + 4-5 drops of fresh lemon juice, for 10 min.

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wow i thought only ive tried this my friend encourageed me to do it accaully my ex she kept commenteing on how great my skin tone was when i stuck with it but i thought it was ridiculous and stopped i dunno hope it works for u but instead of egg whites i used the yolks and instead of lemon juice it was the pulp

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