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Okay, I'm now sleeping up to 13 hours a day

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Ok..so most of us have this side effect right? But does any1 knows why accutane causes extra sleepyness and tiredness?? and does it stop once the treatment is over??

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Guest Mankind

I think roaccutane stressed me out more and I definitely became a lot moodier whilst I was on the drug so maybe that contributed to me going to bed later because I couldn't get to sleep as easily. I also sweated loads during sleep when on roaccutane which is something I'd never gotten before.

I finished my course last March (2006) I think and I never get as stressed as I did on the drug. When I say stressed I mean I was always in a foul mood and lost my temper very easily but that may have been down to the fact my face was getting worse before getting better and was getting to me.

I go to bed before 10pm most nights and can't say I have any trouble sleeping. I can't really think of any reason why accutane causes these effects. I will look it up.

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Guest Mankind

From what I have read there could be many factors why isotretinoin seems to cause fatigue or makes people feel more tired.

It could be that our eyes become much more sensitive to sunlight which makes us feel tired as we can hardly keep our eyes open. The mood swings could play a factor and the stress brought on or amplified by the drug may take a lot out of us and make us more tired. It could also be something to do with our blood-sugar levels as these can be raised on accutane. I know that too much sugar can make me 'hyper' and go to sleep later. The raising of blood-sugar could have an effect similar to this and keep us up longer thus making us more tired.

Whatever, causes it, personally, all my sleeping patterns and emotions are back to normal after a year off the drug.

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