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I've had acne since i was about 14 (freshman in Hs) and i am now 18 (senior). i have tried many different treatments mostly with little success. Through trial and error i have found a regimen that works. Over the summer i had decided to try Retin-A again. This does not work well on existing acne so i had trouble with it. i used Retin A from the summer to about almost a month ago. it cleared future ones a little bit, but it made my face VERY red, and i could still feel some bumps. about a month ago i started bringing 2 water bottles to school in my bag, which i went through over the course of the day. I did a little research, and my regimen consists of wholistic and chemical treatment. Always have water in your system. Your supposed to drick 6-8 glasses a day. if your body is not hydrated enoguh, you will get acne. This is hard to tell at first, but bring water to school everyday and if you forget it you will notice. water is repleneshing and is a healer. keep those cells hydrated. i tried face dunking; it sure feels great, but i didnt notice much of a difference except that it loosened acne so it was easier to pop or "wipe off". it didnt necessaily prevent it. ok well here is my daily regimen. i notice that at first some chemicals are drying to the face, but if u keep up with them your face will adapt to it. its about finding the happy medium with chemicals on your face.

-wake up, 5:44 am, take Minocycline. Eat at 6:15. at night your stomach will digest whatever you ate previously so you will have an empty stomach and Minocycline will run through your system quicker; a 1 hour wait isnt necessary. in that 1/2 hour of waiting to eat i wash my face with hibiclens. wait another 1/2 hour ( eat, brush teeth, dress, etc. Apply Duac gel on the face. This will keep fighting bacteria over the course of the day. it is important to always have something on your face to keep fighting and preventing bacteria

- Around 6pm, another dose of minocycline. Shower- use brevoxyl wash on face- its this white creamy stuff u can get through prescription. wait 40-60 mins then shave. I have been using electric shaver lately without any problems (i had previously thought electric shavers carry a lot of bacteria). After shaving i use a 1% clindamycin pledget. after use you can tell it did a good job itl look dirty. I then apply this stuff called Acne Free. its a little tube of gel stuff u can get at walmart. i wear its super glue; it sure smells like it. it constains salicic acid 1.5% and BP 1%. it is somewhat viscous and has a strong odor and it stiffens the skin on drying. on top of this i apply and rub in a layer of 10% BP. i then do touch ups on red marks.

That is my daily cycle. This does not dry out my face at all, and in fact it feels better than ever. all of the bumps i used to get are now gone, i have nice skin, nothing building up. The acne free cream has a significant difference, it literally zaps. all retin a did was make me break out. now with my new regimen, including water hydration, my face is on the recovery. the only thing i would like to fix is my red marks. in the mirror my face looks almost flawless, but when i back away there are red marks where i used to have them. is there a toner cream or soemthin to blend skin color or make them fade? sems to be my only problem now. i will post some pics.

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:clap: first posts are always the hardest


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