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Sebaceous Cysts And Accutane?

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Nope. In fact, i had one appear towards the end of my last course that i had never noticed before that i had to have surgically dealt with towards the end of my last course. Thankfully it healed up really well with the antibiotic my derm prescribed after she cleaned it out. If you have existing epidermal (sebaceous is old terminology) cysts, have them removed and let them heal before you start Accutane if possible.

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do you mean deep old cysts ? im on accutane now and have a few that are lodged into my skin .. like not inflamed but when you run your finger across them you can feel them in the skin and they look dark purple in the skin

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Epidermal (sebaceous) cysts aren't acne cysts, although sometimes a bad acne cyst can damage the sebaceous unit and cause one to form. They can also form spontaneously. They are sacs that slowly fill with keratin. They are under the skin, not in a pore, and have no route to the surface. They have to be surgically removed, or ignored. But every one that i've tried to ignore has ended up needing emergency surgery when it suddenly becomes inflamed and requires drainage. Much better to have it removed when it's quiescent and the wound can actually be stitched up which can't be done if it's infected.

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