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Please assist with my Regimen

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I would apreciate some help/feedback on when to use this products and what order would be best. Time wise ideally i would like something in the Morning & Night, i do get pimples everynow and then but my days of breaknig out are over so i believe i can go agressive without any issues of breaking out

my goal is to improve my skin texture,pores,tighten the skin a bit and hopefully minimize appearnce of some shallow indented scars. i know this will be a long process but if it just improves the texture & pores it would be worth it for me.

here are the products i have

St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Exfol Cream from (skinbio)


Super CP Serum (skinbio)

Cameilla Oil

40% Glycolic peels.

my idea was this


Wash Face, Exfol Cream, Camilla oil & maybe a sunscreen??


St ives scrub, super cp serum ( & maybe retin-a alternate nights??)


40% peel.

any input is greatly apreciated as usual.

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I used to use the St. Ives Apricot Scrub and personally I think it's to harsh for ur skin. I beleve us people w/ scars need to b as gentle as possible to our skin if we're when it comes to using stuff on a regular basis. My skin starts to look gross if I use the scrub. I switched to skindinavia shine free adult akne wash it's great but $35. I just recently bought Cetaphil(I'm trying to save as much $$$ as I can for scar revision) it's gentle and only around $11. As for the other stuff I think CP's r good they were irritating my skin to much so now they're w/ the rest of my lotions and potions sitting in my room collecting dust. Glycolic peels r good I think but againg I had to stop doing the peel b/c I had a adverse reaction.

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