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angie's knickahs.

I'm seriously scared of Retin-A....

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Today I just go prescribed with retisol-a, aka retinol-a.

I've heard all the stories about people breaking out in the first month or so, and the doctor said I would, too.

how long did it take you to finally see results? and how bad were the breakouts you were getting?

sorry if I sound whiney, I just fear for my skin -.-

thanks in advance! :think:

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im in my fourth day of retin a and i had a break out yesterday in white heads on my cheeks and around my mouth..

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I broke out about four weeks in, right before my period, so I was sort of expecting it, since I tend to break out then. It was about six spots (no cysts thank god, but I did get one of those two weeks in), and they all went away rather quickly. I had one or two blemishes before then, but that big bunch was what I considered to be my IB. I have a big problem with red marks, and only about three of them left visible marks. It wasn't as bad as I was anticipating.

Edit: Generally, you'll probably get an IB on any regimen. Getting so freaked by the idea of breaking out from medicine that will hopefully eventually help you is counterproductive. Just relax and let it do its thing. Are you taking anything else with BP to minimize the IB? That might help maybe.

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Guest tomblot88

retin a micro is sooo much better it is ridiculous. any derm worth anything would prescribe micro over the original anyways

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