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my current regimen consists of :

washing face very lightly with normal soap

dan's bp gel ( little over half a finger)

Complex 15 moisterizer

Ive been doing my regimen for over a year now but i still experience redness. Its almost like a toned down sunburn. I love my regimen becuase it is fairly easy ,cheap and works. I dont want to change it that much but what can i do to reduce or get rid off redness?

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My first suggestion would be to switch to a more gentle cleanser. Normal soap can be very drying and may be contributing to your redness.

Can you get Purpose Gentle Wash where you live? or Dan's gentle cleanser?

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An update on this. The redness for the most part has disappeared. I have two other questions now. Im noticing now that i have some very large pores after switching to dan kerns cleanser. Its looks constantly like im about to break out. But it doesnt happen. Ive also had increased shine on my skin. At the end of the day anymore my face looks like an oil slick. Any one know what causes this? Ive even cut down to a very small amount of moisterizer. My other question is, what should i do about the TSA's 3-1-1 policy. Im flying this holiday season and have a few overnight layovers where i will not have my checked baggage. Anyone have any ideas on what to put the cleanser and BP in so they will allow it on the plane?

Thnaks as always

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Most drugstores sell small plastic bottles / containers in different sizes (most around 3 oz or less) that are for traveling light. The only problem is that they wont be labeled & I dont know if that will be a problem....it doesnt say the bottles have to be labeled on the TSA website, so bring a print out of the rules if they give you a problem.

For your oily skin maybe try adding jojoba oil in with your mosturizer; I find it to really help with oil control (I tend to be very shiny too) & its supposed to help unclog pores. Or maybe Dan's cleanser isnt for you.

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