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How do I get rid of 4 pimples and some little ones in a few hours?

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put a thick paste of baking soda and water on them for an hour.

it it doesn't take the swelling down put a little bit of thick paste of crushed asprin mixed with a few drops of water.

also try benzoyl peroxide if you have any.

crushed garlic for five minutes. no longer or it will burnnnn.

this is how I nuke my pimples in emergency situations.

try everything I can think of :/

just don't burn your skin with all the stuff okay. if you feel like it's burning, stop.

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50%Epsom salt 50% water as spot treatment. Witch Hazel will greatly reduce inflammation (temporarily). You can also use visine for temporary redness relief.

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You really can't get rid of them in 4 hours, sorry :( It takes a while for a pimple to go through its full lifecycle. I mean you can pop it, but it will probably look worse than before. It takes time for the redmark to go away afterwards too. You just have to be patient and stick to a consistant regimen. Don't over spot treat anything, it'll probably just make them more red.

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The one thing that can work fast is a cortisone injection from your doctor. But I have no idea how much that would cost.

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