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Neosporin Method that works

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1 tube neosporin + Pain Relief

1 Box of small dots/squares band-aids

At night i put a small amount of neosporin on the bandaid and place it over the head of the zit. I use the small dot shaped band aids that are found at most drug stores (i use fred meyer or rite-aid). This greatsly reduced my acne. If I have a zit comming before i have to go somewhere, I will put it on for a couple hours and it will greatly reduce the size of it. But , for optimum performnace use this overnight. The first couple of nights you may have andaids all over your face but aftera while you have 2-3 a night.

Make sure its the Pain Relief type of neosporin because its cream based, and all the others are petroleum based and caused me more acne.

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I have used neosporin (at the suggestion of someone here...sorry I can't remember who) on pimples that I had drained. Certainly kept the scarring down and helped them to heal overnight.

I was using the reg. type...need to look for the pain free cream based one.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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I used to use neosporin every night. I would put a small layer over my entire face. It never helped get rid of pimples, but I do not have a single scar(just red marks) from my 16 years of acne, so go figure. I think I have tried everything known to man for acne treatment. You name it, I've tried it. I have changed my pillowcase every night for the last 16 years. No lie. When I was young my mom always yelled at me for having so much laundry. I remember when I was about 13, I used to sleep with a thick layer of vaseline on my face???? Anyway, back to the subject smile.gif Neosporin did help, I think, with not scarring pimples that I picked at.

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That's interesting. So does the zit just shrink and disappear or does it still get a white head and you eventually have to pop it? ...leaving red marks behind?

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