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Not all BPs are the same?

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I am amazed how different two different BP (of the same strength) gels can be. I have been using Clear and Clean Persa Gel 10% BP, and found it excellent really smooth to apply and although 10% surprisingly non irritant and drying. (I bought this before I realised that 2.5% is the same efficacy, just less irritating).

I have just finished the tube and still waiting for my 2.5% Dans Gel, so rather than go without I dug out an unopened bottle of Equate 10% acne gel (rip off of the Oxy version) and it is awful. :hand:

It is gritty in texture, leaving white residue everywhere and it is so irritating. I have no idea what the "inactive" ingredients are up to on my face. Even now after almost an hour and much moisturising, my tiny finger tip worth is burning away..... That is going in the trash, and I will get some OTS whilst I wait for Dan's supply to turn up.

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Equate 10% is gritty, and does leave residue. It is a fantastic overnight spot treatment though (I suspect because of it's inactives and tendancy to dry in a cake like a mud mask). It drys the living hell out of the acne and the area around it.

It's also cheaper then dans 2.5%... despite being sold in 1 ounce containers... half of it goes in the trash just cause its so damn hard to get it out of that thimble squeeze bottle they sell it in.

I sure as shit wouldnt use it as a daily topical treatment though.

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There are different quality BPs, pharmaceutical grade has been stilled more and will apply smoother and absorb better than non-pharmaceutical.

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