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Changed my regimen... seems to have helped redness

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I've been on the following regimen for about the past 1.5 months

Morning and evening---

Cleanse face with dan's cleanser, apply 50/50 ACV toner, wait 15 minutes, apply BP.

About two weeks ago, I was looking at my face in the mirror and began thinking to myself. Red mark improvement had ceased beyond the first couple of weeks, and things didn't seem to be getting any better. So why was I following the exact same regimen if nothing was getting better?

I know many of you have posted this before, but I will say it again anyways. It seems as though BP makes red marks last longer. I decided I would lessen the amount of BP on my face to see if my complexion changed at all. Generally in the past I have noticed that if I miss just one night of my regimen (for whatever reason... whether it be I fall asleep on the couch or I am gone camping and forget to bring my stuff), I break out horribly within a few days due to my skin's extremely high level of dependence on BP.

So, in an attempt to 'slowly' become less dependent on BP, I decided to apply it less often (this might be a scary thought for some people).

This is the regimen I have used over the past two weeks, and my complexion has definitely gotten better. It is hard for me to define what I mean by 'complexion' without pictures (unfortunately I don't have a digital camera). My skin looks smoother and more radiant-- it kind of has a glow to it that I haven't seen since I was doing Jessfoliation several months ago (I stopped because the application of so much Neosporin made me kind of worrisome... since it has a warning about not applying it over large areas for more than a week).

Here is my regimen:

Morning-- (exactly the same as before-- cleanse, acv toner, wait 15 mins, apply BP)

Evening-- cleanse, acv toner, spot treat red marks with Neosporin (I try to use as little as possible and apply it ONLY to red marks... not to areas around them)

I have gotten no new zits in the past two weeks while doing this. My red marks have slightly faded, but are still there. I'm beginning to think that red mark treatment is somewhat like weight training-- you can't keep doing the same thing if you want to keep getting results. What do I mean by this? If you lift weights, you know what I mean-- you have to switch up exercise routines (this can mean a lot of things-- doing different exercises, changing the order of exercises, changing the number of reps, etc).

Let's say you have a weight training regimen of 3 sets of bench press, 3 sets of bicep curls, and 3 sets of skull crushers. You will notice that eventually you will plateau and will stop seeing gains in weight (the time varies for just about everyone-) because your muscles basically 'settle down' and are used to the same thing day in and day out and results will slow down. Usually you will see really fast results when you first start working out, but it eventually levels out (exponential growth) for the reasons mentioned a moment ago. The only way to continuously see results is to continuously change your routine.

This is just an analogy to help explain what I mean. In no way am I saying this is a fact about 'acne,' but I'm going to follow this philosophy due to my experiences with red marks over the past year.

I did Proactiv for about a month. The first couple weeks I saw great results, then nothing seemed to change.

I did Jessfoliation for about a month. For this, too, I saw great results within a week, then my skin didn't improve much thereafter (well, maybe it did, but very, VERY, slowly)

I used the ACV + BP regimen (at top of post) for about 2 months. For this one, too, I saw results right away, and began immediately to brag about how great of results I saw (maybe you can dig up some of my old posts). This isn't too say I didn't see results, but they stopped coming after 3-4 weeks. I continued with the ACV + BP regimen for another month, and can honestly say that I saw no improvement.

I am now at a point where I am changing my routine again.

Anyone have similar thoughts or suggestions about this approach? As soon as I stop seeing results with this regimen, I think I'll change it up again... keep my skin guessing like my muscles!

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I do agree that if my redmarks fading rate is at plateau, I would try another recommended method here to increase the fading rate again, until they totally disappear (my goal).

But, if you do change your routine, I mean using new product, then, at least for me, you will get initial breakouts due to the adaptation of your skin to the new product.

And these breakouts will leave you a NEW redmarks too.

*You skin will breakouts if you make your skin guessing!

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Yeah, I forgot to mention that! Good point, twred.

Your skin will probably break out if you overdo things and irritate your skin, so it seems that it might help to just air on the "less is better" side of things when changing products... and also not using 'maximum strength' type stuff (e.g. using 2.5% bp vs 10% bp, or very dilute ACV toner rather than concentrated, etc).

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