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chicken pox scars

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hi all

this is my first post, i am still amazed about the places we can find on the net, i never thought there'd be a forum like this.

I also acquired chicken pox about 9 years ago, i was told back then not to scratch because i would get scars, i tried not to but i found it impossible specially while i was sleepping as i tend to move a lot...any way i ended up with about 4 scars on my right cheek, i also had very little acne on both cheeks at that time so i have a few of what you call "ice picks scars" on my left check, the ones from chicken pox are the more noticeable ones. To be honest with you, i have never lost hope of having my face the way it was before, but also, i have never tried anything... i live in Mexico and this is a country where old people have all kinds of natural cures, i was told by my grandmother to use the following:

1.- Tomatoe slices masks before going to bed.

2.- Put some lemon juice on a mother of pearl seashell, it will generate a substance with an appearance of a cream, use that on your face at night, that is supposed to make the scars go away ( i have been told to do this by a lot of old people).

i have never tried any of these cures, but after of what i have read here, the second one makes more sense since its based on lemon juice ( c vitamin), i find a little dificult to get the seashell, i personally believe that is better if these kind of scars are treated when they are fresh, but like i said before... hope is what dies at last.

i will try them and see how it goes.

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