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UGH! I knew I could feel it coming up yesterday! I woke up this morning to a huge cyst under my nose!!! You know the type that tends to pulsate? And since it is in such a tender location it hurts like the dickens!!!! Of course, there was a small head in the center of it so i tried to squeeze it, but only a small amount of pus came out...not the whole thing at all....sorry so disgusting! In situations like this in the past, I have always ran to my derm for a cortisone shot. However, since that last one left me with a huge dent in my face, I am not so inclined to do that this time. I don't care about the pimple as much as the pain. It will be killing me al day today serving me as a constant reminder that it is there. Work will be hell. Any ideas on how to get this thing to stop killing me???????????????? TIA

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sometimes i put toothpaste on it, then it dries out really quick, is strange but worked for me the best, was the best i had before i went on minocycline.

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If you use toothpaste, you have to make sure it is paste, not gel. And it doesn't always work- I tried that method years ago to no avail...

I haven't yet found a way to handle the pain except for sucking it up. I get those kinds of cysts all the time, so I feel for you.

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