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ok so here's something that's been on my mind. do you think that acne causes a bigger emotional impact on a person that has been battling w/ acne for years, or a person that gets it all of the sudden later in life? let me further explain why i'm curious by giving you my story:

i'm a 19 year old female and would only get a few pimples here and there around my period (sorry guys, but girls surely understand). it was manageable and honestly didn't bother me much at all. then something changed. i've had a really stressful year for many reasons so i don't know if that's what cause it but anyway...around the beginning of july this year my skin completely broke out. honestly it's indescribable what happened to me (i had a really "good" pic of just how bad the break out was but it was in my camera...that got stolen, but that's a different story) it was very painful. the pimples were covering my entire face. my actual face was swolen and red. i looked really puffy. i made an emergency appointment w/ my a dermatologist she put me on 4 prescriptions. duac, differin, plexion wipes, and tetracycline to take orally. i also was given blood work to test different hormone levels in my body to see what the problem was...they all came back normal. after a month i was supposed to have a follow up appt. i got them to let me in earlier. i went to the same office but a different dermatologist and he gave me steroids (prednisone? i think...don't quote me on that) to help as an anti-inflammatory and he got my paperwork started for accutane b/c he (and i completely agreed) thought that was the best way to go because the break out was so severe and things were still really bad. by the time i started accutane the break out had gotten slightly better, but honestly what happened to me was horrible. i believe i'm scarred forever...literally and figuratively. i've completed one month of accutane now and it has helped significantly now my main problem is w/ the redmarks that are left over (i'm very thankful for makeup). but the impact of what happened was really severe. i'm very scared that one day i'm going to wake up and it's going to happen again (it was almost over night that i saw the change).

so i was wondering...does a more gradual but lasting battle w/ acne cause a greater emotional impact on a person, or does a really severe sudden impact w/ acne have a more severe effect?

honestly i think both are horrible and i wish no one had to experience it, but i'm curious to see what all of you think.

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i've been battling it off and on (mainly on) for 18 years or so. So i can only say how it affected me. it's tough. the older I get the better I come to terms with things, but its still there in the back of my mind. I have better days than bad days, but a lifetime of selfconsicousness takes its toll on the soul.

right now i am going through a rough patch, i've been good for about 4 years, (still would have to cope with scar issues) but 3 months ago i had a pretty bad hormonal breakout (chin, jawline, even forehead) so it's brought me down, made me a bit of a hermit, but it's slowly getting better (slowly) but i've changed my lifestyle, eating habits consideablely and i'm sticking to the healthy eating for life now.

but i'd much rather have had one year of my life bad with acne then a lifetime of up and down roller coaster.

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