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Anyone from Toronto

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Anyone from toronto know of some good derms or plastic surgeons??

I visted one today Fairview laser clinic, she took a look, she said on my left cheek i need an injection which lasts 8 years??? then she wants laser resourface that area, do a subsicion in that area because the only really damaged area, and then top it off with a microdermabersion on full face. all in the same day $1000 CAN

Man i wish i knew more about these things im scared she doesnt know what she is talkin about or that iam getting a fair price actually i will pay $10000 if i knew it would 100% perfect again.. she says 60-80% improvment.

anyways maybe someone can help me out does this some right to you guys??

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hey man i live near toronto..im like 40 away near oshawa area duno if u know were that is(east of toronto) i dont know much abotu this stuff either but i really want to go and get somthing done, i herd ppl talk about the one u just went to and id liek to go there and see what they say about my few scars i want to get looked at, few q?

did u have to pay to get her to look at u?

can i just call and make a appointment whenever i want without a derms go ahead?

what procedures do they do?

and do u think u could help me in anyway with directions to get there?

[email protected] is my email please get back to me maybe we can talk more on msn our somthing since we are close to each otehr.



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