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HE battled acne too!

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I've been seeing this guy (who I think has very nice skin) for about 4 months... we have a strong emotional bond and are able to be open about life etc etc! I have been able to talk to him about SO many things... except my battle with acne. (BTW- I am on my last month of accutane, and I'm feeling goood) We were talking tonight, and I brought up the fact that I hate my skin and I have to see a derm every month.... and I asked if he knew what Accutane was. I was a little hesistant, but he replied "Yeah... I was on it in high school." and I was pretty taken aback, ha. I thought he was going to look at me like I was some werido with a skin disease..... but it was nice because we got to talking about acne and the dry skin on accutane....and apparently his skin was in worse condition than I have experienced myself. WHAT a surprise to me. he even said I have flawless skin "like a porcelain doll." and oh boy you have no idea how great that feels to get a COMLIMENT on my skin after sooo many negative reinforcements about it (read back into my posts about six months ago.... I was a wreck!)

I guess the moral of this story is.... it just felt nice to find another adult (he's 25... still "gets pimples" but I think his skin is in great condition... he freaks out over ONE BUMP!) to talk to this with.... because I have NEVER met anyone in "real life" who had to go through acne. I think it's funny how we are both SO anal about our skin- even though I guess it's not that bad? Because we both think the other has great skin.... I guess that what SO many years of acne will do to mess with your head hunh?

Long post... hope nobody got to bored and found this post a bit refreshing....:)

well hang in there y'all.

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That's a great story. I know I feel way more comfortable around my friends who have acne, too... but I've still only ever actually talked about it with two people in real life, ever. I get so uncomfortable when the subject comes up.

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