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I dont generally beleive acne is related to diet, although there was a point that i did. However this is kind of odd. the last like 4 times atleast that i have eaten pizza, my face has really become oily. like my face isn't really that oily, and throughout the day its not oily. but again tonight i ate pizza, and within minutes after, my face so oily. i could feel it, and when i touched my face my fingers had that oily feeling. now i dont wash m face everyday, i jus wrinse with cold water. i wash maybe once a week. and i been fine doing this, my face hasn't been oily that much and i been fine using just cold water. i wahsed my face last night for the 1st time this week, then again tonight i had 2 wash my face after eating pizza. so now 2 straight nights i had 2 wash my face. right now my face feel extremly tight and dry after washing, but it feels good because it feels extremly clean, and that oily feeling that felt greaset and oily has gone away.

But anyone else notice there face getting oily after eating certain foods? Fast foods do it to me alil sometimes, but pizza, the last 4 times atleast my face has become just as greasey as the pizza after eating it.

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It's like that with me when I drink coffee or eat peanuts. Both of which I love. :wall:

But since i'm on Tane i'm taking advantage and drinking coffee, which what I missed the most. :drool:

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I've noticed that if I eat healthy for a while, and then sinfully eat a hamburger, I will get a cyst or two. I'm on accutane now, and no longer have oily skin, so I've chosen to completely erase the memories of oily skin from my mind.

But, I'm sure that I had an increase in oil, since I had breakouts afterward.

I don't want to hear any people tell me that food doesn't cause acne just because of my comment so shut it.

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