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Ok since nobody replied to my Benzagel post from yesterday...I know people have heard of Benzac, I searched for it and there were some helpful posts. Benzac AC seems to be a popular gel-based BP. I know Wal-Mart carries Benzac W...not sure about AC. Does anybody know what exactly the difference is and if W is as effective. Good experience, bad experiences, whatever, tell me if you know something.

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I can tell u that bennzac ac has acrylic co polymer beads in it which give it a v slight grainy texture. Never seen benzac w for sale in nz so can't comment. Also -previous canadians on this site have mentioned that you can only get benzac in a 5% concentration there.

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Thanks for the reply frances.

I actually just found the answer on the Galderma Canada website. So for anyone interested:

Q: What is the difference between Benzac W Gel and Benzac AC Gel?

A: Both products contain water. W in Benzac W stands for Water whereas AC in Benzac AC stands for Acrylates Polymer. Acrylates Polymer are microscopic beads that absorb excess oil while releasing a small amount of glycerine to moisturize the skin. If you have dry/sensitive skin it is recommended to use Benzac AC Gel and Benzac W for oily/normal skin.

And it's true, I've only seen 5% here in Canada.

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