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Makeup Artist's Choice or Homepeels?

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Which place should I order Lactic Acid Peels from? Makeup Artist's Choice seems cheaper even though it's 40% instead of 50%. If they are the same thing but just 10% less I'd go with.

I have dark skin so I'll be using Lactic Acid peels instead of glycolic.


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Have any of you had bad results from ordering lactic acid peels from any of these online stores? I have no clue how strong 40 or 50% is. I have heard good things about lactic acid peels for red scars and marks, but I'm afraid to order it. I'm afraid I'll order something too strong and it will ruin my face. I'd prefer going to a derm, but if I can get the same thing done by myself at home sooner and cheaper, while still safe for my skin, I'd try it. I need advice and more info....seems like you have to do these peels constantly. Thanks.

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli


just curious why you had bad service from them. Late shipments cause you're out of the U.S?

I only ordered from them once so far.

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riteshb-Yes the Kit#7 is the Lactic acid kit and is the one that I ordered.I know I was confused when I seen they called it the Glycolic kit also.

plateaukid-The 40% lactic acid I use from Esthetically Yours is very mild.It has Cosmederm-7 in it that prevents irritation,redness,etc.I know Tracy and several others on this board use the 40% Lactic peel from MUAC and I don't think they have had any side effects from it but they would be able to tell you more.Hope this is of some help.

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I've been using the 40% from MUAC myself for about 3 weeks now. I definitely get a good tingling from it, but I am also using mandelic acid 10% every day except the day i do the peel, so maybe my skin is more exposed. but no burning and no peeling either, i use oil of olay moisturizer.

it makes your skin feel really good after you wash it off. first week i started at 1 minute. then the week after i did 2:15, last night I did 3:45. working my way up to 5:00 which i will keep constant for a few months.

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Guest Tracy

I use the 40% lactic peel from MUAC and it's the GENTLEST peel I've ever done. You'd have to have EXTREMELY sensitive skin or leave it on for an unreasonable amount of time to damage your skin using this type of peel. I love it.

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you may want to make 100% sure of this but at Esthetically Yours, you can get free shipping until Nov. 7 (there's still a $1.50 handling charge). They emailed me and told me since I was thinking about buying the lactic Peel kit that's on sale this week.

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