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question to those who had moderate acne when starting

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Hi, well I was wondering for all of you who had MODERATE acne, I hate it when ppl with light acne respond and act as if I'm doing something wrong.

K, well I've been on the regimen for 7 weeks now going on 8 this Thursday. When examining older pictures of myself, my acne definately has improved. I am faced with a few pimples and breakouts. My cheeks used to have a lot, so now I have a lot of red marks. Even though it's better than acne, red marks suck. How long did it take for your red marks to fade completely?

Also, my skintone isn't even. If I had even skintone, even with red marks my skin would look much better. When did it even out and is there anything special I should do to even it out? Another thing is that I can not access Eucerin Renewal in Canada, what is another great moisturizer besides Neutrogena SP15 which I use and do not like.

BIG post, BIG hug if you respond. Thanks a million!

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Can you get Alpha Hydrox in Canada? It's a moisturizer i've heard of in a red box/container, and it has AHA, which is the main component of Eucerin Renewal. Basically, you want to speed up your skin's natural process of shedding skin cells, and alpha hydroxy acids (such as lactic acid) will do that. I have heard good things about Olay Regenerist (go to http://www.olay.com to get a free sample of their serum, click on your country to see if it's available in Canada yet) as far as helping skin texture and tone.

Hope this helps!

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