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green aloe gel for sunburns on face

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yes, the one guy said not to use this but I've started to since last night. Obviously I have no results yet except in the day after I apply it, my face doesn't look nearly as oily as it does when applying my moisturizer. Many say "oh man Eucerin renewal kicks, get it, use it! yay!" well in Canada, it isn't available, which sucks. So, i've decided to use aloe in the day and perhaps moisturizer at night, though I'm sticking with aloe all day all night just for fun to see what happens. Anyone know why this isn't a good idea since the guy said not to?


:-s Eh? thats what he means, haahaah eh from canada, im canadian guys

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I posted below to you, but just wanted to answer here as well. The green stuff for sunburns isn't pure aloe gel, though the aloe is a major part of the formulation. Since acne prone skin is easily irritated by preservatives, fragrances, etc--i try to stay away from skincare products that have a lot of stuff in them. Some of the green sunburn gels can even have menthol (for that cooling feeling) and that is highly irritating. Health food stores carry pure or nearly pure (99.7%) aloe gels, and quite a few of them smell very nice.

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