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I read in an Insulin Resistance book that adding protein powder to a smoothie is a good way to get your daily protein intake. Im sure its healthy and all coming from a health book but my question is if it would cause me to break out?

There are 3 examples they listed:

Whey Protein isolate by Biotics Research

Gam octa pro (soy) by Biotics Research

Rice Protein Concentrate by Biotics Research

Does anyone know which is best to use?

Thanks :)

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Soy is not good for men generally due to the phytoestrogens (especially for weightliters)

Rice protein wont absorb into the body as fast as whey. Whey is the best choice.

And no you wont get acne.

Before tane i drank whey shakes and I was getting acne. After tane I still take shakes and im 100% clear.

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I also just finished tane but Id like to hear from someone who has not taken accutane and is not breaking out from the whey???

I think accutane is a strong drug and can control prettty much whatever you eay from breaking you out :cool:

Anyone suspect the whey powder will cause a breakout? If not, I would like to pick it up today thanks :D

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If you get a whey powder get an isolate...it's higher quality, less denatured protein and will have no lactose. Whey powders can definately cause some breakouts if you are sensitive to whey or the lactose that crappier qualities will have. Also, all brands are different and some will have artificial sweeteners like Splenda (problematic for some) or some will have lots of sugar. Best place to get it is at www.trueprotein.com.

If you want to avoid whey, they also have egg white protein powders which is pretty good.

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The best one on the market, imho, is Goatein, made by Garden Of Life. Tastes great and the protein source is top-notch; organically raised goats in pristine environments. It is vanilla flavored.

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